Introducing Arsena | Independent Recording Artist | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte

Introducing Arsena | Independent Recording Artist | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Charlotte
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Introducing Arsena – Formerly Known as Arsena Schroeder

Arsena is an established musical talent who continues to excite audiences and delight listeners across the globe. Formerly known as Arsena Schroeder, this independent artist merges star quality with soulful and authentic tunes. Arsena is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and recording artist working at the intersection of R&B and pop. She draws on much-loved influences like India Arie and Alicia Keys and forges new sonic territory with fresh beats and rich vocal tones.

Arsena is based in Charlotte, NC, and she started her musical career while interning on Capitol Hill in 2009. After featuring on a friend’s mixtape, she started singing and writing her own songs with an acoustic guitar. Arsena received a scholarship from Pfeiffer University, married her college sweetheart, and made the brave choice to pursue music full-time.

Arsena’s Music Releases

Arsena’s first recording, ‘The Abundantly’ EP, was released in 2012 as a 4-song project. Since then, she has progressed step-by-step with a string of well-received songs, albums, and shows. Her first full-length album, ‘For My Artist Child’, was released in 2013, including the single ‘Manna’ and her cover of Bob Marley’s ‘Turn You Light’s Down Low’. Around this time, she got an opportunity to play at the Time Warner Cable Arena, where she received a memorable standing ovation from the one-and-only Michael Jordan.

For several years now, Arsena has released an array of outstanding recordings. Each song is unique, with world, gospel, indie, and R&B tones informing her authentic voice. In 2016, she released the ‘Anchor Down Below’ EP, a free 5-song project co-written with local songwriter Tera Jackson. The ‘Quest’ EP came in 2017, and the single ‘Like a Fool’ was released in 2020. Her latest release, ‘Metamorphosis: The Evolution of Arsena’, was released at the end of 2022. With each new release, Arsena’s rich tonality and thoughtful lyrics have provided a consistent and inspiring voice.

Along with writing her own music and headlining local and international shows, Arsena has dedicated lots of energy to championing her fellow artists. A few years back, in 2017, Arsena launched Dear Soul Music Company. This company provides valuable resources for independent artists, from workshops and consultations to marketing and live shows.

Introducing Dear Soul Music Company

Arsena understands the struggle of every independent artist. Competition is tight, critics are everywhere, and navigating the music scene can be tough. Dear Soul Music Company has been set up to help young and emerging musicians of every persuasion. From getting started to record labels, shows, and releases, every element of the musician’s journey is covered with detail and care.

This passion project has been carefully crafted by someone who’s been through the journey themselves. It helps people to connect internally and externally and provides insight and clarity when it’s needed the most. Arsena helps aspiring and emerging artists power through professional and creative blocks and step forward into the spotlight with confidence and grace.

Dear Soul Music Company offers a range of practical support measures, including songwriting and artist branding workshops, collaborative live shows, and one-on-one artist consultations. It helps artists to find their authentic path and create winning strategies that cut through the noise of the modern music scene.

Designed to empower and educate, Dear Soul Music Company is a real community, a safe space, and a chance to receive life-changing mentorship.

Through Dear Soul Music Company, Arsena encourages artists and gives them professional skills to write, record, perform, and release original works. In the coming years, she will continue working on her own music while helping others shine their light into the world.

Where to find Arsena

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