Juli Chan | Artist Review and New Song Review | “STUCK IN MY HEAD”

Juli Chan | Artist Review and New Song Review | "STUCK IN MY HEAD"
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Juli Chan has just dropped one of the most addictive pop songs you’ll hear this summer. On July 7, Juli Chan, formerly known as Julia Chmielarska, released “Stuck in My Head.” This tune demonstrates a new turn for this 19-year-old artist, largely thanks to its intense club beats that may take some fans by surprise.


There’s a lot to love about “Stuck in My Head.” The lyrics tell a story of attraction, obsession, longing, and eventually becoming lovesick — the risk that comes with any intense love affair. Juli delivers these lyrics with subtle desperation and maturity in the verses where she expresses feelings of infatuation and jealousy. The restraint shown in the verses, in terms of vocals and production, is great. These choices make the pre-chorus and chorus far more powerful and impactful for the listener.

The chorus is where this song really shines. Created in collaboration with London-based music producer LAWRENT, the chorus is addictive, memorable, and almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head. LAWRENT’s previous work has garnered over 750 million streams, and his experience shows in this chorus. It’s sparse lyric-wise, but when you have a hook this good, why not repeat it? It’s easy to sing along to and is sure to get everyone out on the dance floor.


“Stuck in My Head” was released with a music video starring Juli. This video is high-quality yet minimalistic, allowing Juli to be the sole focus as she belts out the tune’s catchy chorus. The music video for “Stuck in My Head” was written and directed by Juli, who also has credits for color correction and online postproduction. This is an impressive feat for such a young artist and demonstrates her commitment to having her vision come to life.


Juli Chan isn’t a newbie to Europe’s pop scene. She’s built her fanbase with many original songs and covers over the years. This includes her light and fun “Budzę Się” (I Wake Up), which has over one million views on YouTube, and her cover of the French hit “Joe Le Taxi.” There’s also her popular song “Not a Crime,” another pop tune she released around this time last summer.

“Stuck in My Head” is definitely more reminiscent of the big club hits of 2022 and 2023, such as Bebe Rexha’s “I’m Good (Blue).” It’s not groundbreaking in terms of lyricism or production, but it’s not meant to be. This is the kind of song you want blasting at the club or playing on the radio when you’re out on a drive. Even skeptics will find themselves bobbing their heads when that chorus comes on.

Juli is someone pop fans should be following. She has more experience in the industry than the typical 19-year-old artist and shows huge growth potential. She’s clearly very involved in the making of her music (and music videos) and sings with passion and great technique. Juli also deserves credit for her maturity as both a performer and vocalist.

“Stuck in My Head” is not a perfect song, and there are certainly areas where Juli could improve as an artist — but there’s no doubt she will. More personal lyrics and bigger risks with her sound will gain her even more fans and attention across Europe, the US, and beyond.

This song is currently on YouTube, but it’s steadily gaining attention in several countries in Europe. This includes the UK, France, and Poland, where it’s playing on some of the nations’ most popular radio stations. This is sure to bring more eyes to this catchy summer banger and the promising young artist behind it.

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