Jimmy Copens | Producer Review | #Nashville

Jimmy Copens | Producer Review | #Nashville
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Who Is Jimmy Copens?

Jimmy is a music recording engineer, producer, and songwriter. The first time he walked into a music studio, he knew without a doubt that this was his plan for life. He grew up listening to a variety of music, from Johnny Cash to Sonny and Cher to Credence Clearwater Revival and Aerosmith, and because of this, he has had a good understanding of how different music played together. No matter the Era or Genre Jimmy gets it on a whole other level.

The first producing job he landed was in Cincinnati, OH, at Audiocraft Recording Company. This was back in the analog recording method days. But thoughts in that studio were big, as they looked to the future of digital recording. One of Audiocraft’s most well-known artists is none other than Hank Williams. Jimmy worked with some amazing bands and different talent while at Audiocraft, including The Afghan Whigs, Under the Sun, The Smothers Brothers, Hasbro Bradley/Kenner Toys, Boomer Esiason, and Jim Varney.

In the 1990s, Jimmy switched from Audiocraft Recording Company to Studio B with Mark Liggett and also Ligosa Studios. He spends much of his time working with Pro Tools. He also did a lot of work at Goldman Productions and had the chance to work with Hal Holbrook, Lorenzo Music, Sally Struthers, and Alise Beasley. This is where Jimmy, working with Tim Duncan, had the chance to record the NBA JAM game audio for Sega Genesis/Iguana/Acclaim Entertainment.

Jimmy Copen’s Current Music

In 2003, Jimmy moved to Nashville, wanting to create his own home recording studio. He knew that he’d have to compete against some of the biggest names in the industry, and even so, he opened his studio, The Ranch Studio. He’s now well into the digital recording world, using Logic Pro and tools from Universal Audio to get the preamps and outboard processors.

He has recently produced music for Lauren Freebird and Caroline Daniel, both up-and-coming artists on the Nashville scene. He’s currently the Front of the House engineer at The Commodore Grille, and everything he does is digital. He hosts the Nashville Songwriter’s Showcase for three nights, where new artists have a chance to let people hear their music and find out exactly what they’re about.

Jimmy has had an amazing career so far and shows no signs of slowing down. Watch for more music coming from The Ranch Studio soon!

Where to find Jimmy Copens

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