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Who is Mr. Acton

Acton Chisoni, who goes by the show name Mr. Acton, is a Malawian reggae artist. He grew up listening to this amazing genre of music and decided he wanted to use it to spread a positive vibe to the world. He’s released six different singles, including his latest hit, “Sweet Reggae Music,” which just came out in January 2023. His very first single, “Believe Me,” came out in 2020. His other songs include “I’m a Black Man,” “Need You Day and Night,” “Lord is On Our Side,” and “Masika A Dziko.” He has also appeared on two other reggae albums, Ragga Ruggie Riddim and Ghetto Dreams Riddim, both of which feature a variety of artists.

His music has been featured on Da Gallery, a radio show in New York City, featuring different breakout artists. Mr. Acton is also a finalist on the show THe Voice Africa and has appeared on several radio shows in the UK.

His music is uplifting, light-hearted, and full of energy, as he brings a soulful reggae vibe to every song.

Mr. Acton Music Review

“Believe Me” is an upbeat, beautiful love song. With lyrics like, “I wish to be with you now and forever” and “My life is incomplete without you,” he lets his woman know just how much he truly loves her. He asks her to just “believe me” when he tells her how he feels. The offbeat lilt of the music, combined with the pure and raw vocal quality, makes you want to keep listening to the song over and over again.

“Sweet Reggae Music” has only been out a short time, but it already has fans going crazy over it. Another upbeat hit, this song talks about how reggae music just makes life a little sweeter and everyone a little happier. His vocals stand out against the cymbals and other music in the background. The song makes you want to get up and groove and maybe find a partner to hit the dance floor with.

Mr. Acton says the support and courage of his fans keep him going and working hard to create new music. He shares, “Your support is the only way for me to keep on staying in this office.” With Mr. Acton getting that support from countries across the globe, it’s highly likely that it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see additional music from this young man.

Where to find Mr. Acton

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