The Evening Muse | Open Mic Night | #Charlotte

The Evening Muse | Open Mic Night | #Charlotte
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What is The Evening Muse?

Charlotte, NC is home to ample creativity; we have vast amounts of artists, poets, singer-songwriters, and the list goes on. Luckily for these creatives, this city recognizes them and gives them a place to perform and give life to their art. Stretching all over Charlotte, we have roughly 14 live music venues. Of those 14, The Evening Muse lives in the NoDa Arts District. The Evening Muse opened up in 2001 and, since has been home to countless musicians from all over the country.

What makes this venue so unique is that not only do they host artists with massive followings, but they also host a night for local musicians who are in all different stages of their musical careers! They’re the self-proclaimed “longest-running and #best open mic in Charlotte.” They host their open mics every Monday night for any local talent to come out and perform for an audience. These events are perfect for our local artists to take the next step, allowing them to get their names out into the world, the experience of performing live, and even the opportunity for others to get inspiration for their next project!

Open Mic Night – January 2023

If you’re looking for a fun night out to listen to live music, comedy, or poetry, this might be the place for you. You are not required to perform by coming out. At this event, you’ll find various sounds and people from all different walks of life. You’ll get the chance to hear everything ranging between techno, country, comedy, and alternative, to R&B and hip-hop. We heard music from dozens of singer-songwriters. The show was four hours of non-stop entertainment with 10-minute sets for each performer.

The night featured a 30-minute set by main performer Brook Pridemore, a musician from Brooklyn, NY. They performed songs from their recent album “Glad to be Alive” including “Hunt Sales” and “Leave the Living.” In this album, Pridemore leaned into their punk/pop sound and gave the audience a taste of the inner mechanics of their mind. While performing all around the country, Brook has undoubtedly, brought their eccentric melodies and introspective lyrics along. The line up flowed through @IAmLamarMusic, @OnlyOneNickieGreen, @ValMerza & more.

Closing off the event, EKLY (@EKLY) performed two songs from his discography. At just 16 years old, EKLY is already captivating audiences with the perfect mix of his melodic lyrics and bold stage presence. By the time he started his first song, he already had the entire crowd up on their feet to jump and vibe along with the beat of his track. As of the start of 2023, EKLY has already released four albums and two EPs. We have had the chance to showcase him in the studio over the past year and can only imagine where he’s going from here.

Having a supportive community is fundamental for an artist in any field. Charlotte is lucky to have a place like The Evening Muse, who gives a home to so many talented individuals around the city. Make sure to check out their Instagram and keep an eye out on their website for your chance catch the next event!

Where to find The Evening Muse

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