New Gospel Track on The Vessel Radio | “Calling My Name (I’m a Soldier)” by Ebuka Songs

New Gospel Track on The Vessel Radio | "Calling My Name (I'm a Soldier)" by Ebuka Songs
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Ebuka Songs – Calling My Name (I’m a Soldier) [Live]

Nigerian singer and songwriter Ebuka Songs has returned with another enchanting gospel track. “Calling My Name (I’m A Soldier) [Live]” is a sonic spectacle built with powerful lyrics, soulful vocals, and deep Christian vibes. Since its release just weeks ago, this song has resonated with listeners in Nigeria and across Africa. This heartfelt track is produced by Spotlite Production and released on Naija Music, in honor of Jesus and his almighty power.
On “Calling My Name (I’m A Soldier) [Live],” the fantastic vocals and talented musicianship of Ebuka Songs continue to impress. The core Christian values of the artist really come through, thanks to the thoughtful lyrics and authentic gospel delivery. If you’re looking for a captivating tune made with love for the glory of God, “Calling My Name (I’m a Soldier) [Live]” by Ebuka Songs is sure to satisfy.

The Ebuka Songs Story

Ebuka Songs is Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary, a committed Christian, driven worshipper, and talented songwriter with a real passion for music. His gospel tunes have been crafted to glorify God almighty, with lyrics speaking of holy subjects and vocals directed at believers and doubters alike. Ebuka comes from the southern region of Nigeria, being born and raised in Imo State. Along with Jesus and his eternal message of salvation, this part of Nigeria helped to shape the Ebuka Songs musical journey.
Ebuka was born into a God-fearing home, and his Christian values have always been reflected in his lifestyle. He started out studying theatre and singing worship songs at Imo State University (IMSU), which is where he started his music career. From his neighborhood church to the local community and beyond, Ebuka uses his musical talents and worship prowess to lead others in Jesus’ name. 
As he grew from a child into a young man, Ebuka became a proud soldier of Christ. He understands the importance of this call, saying it’s not “for enjoyment but of deep yearning and sufferings.” Whether it’s through soulful harmonies, thoughtful lyrics, or direct messages to fans on social media, Ebuku is here to spread the message of Jesus and highlight the glory of God — above all else.

Other Releases by Ebuka Songs

“Calling My Name (I’m A Soldier) [Live]” follows other releases by Ebuka Songs during 2023. “Jesus Oh” featuring Moses Bliss received positive attention from fans and critics, “I Will Pray” is a fantastic example of contemporary Christian music, and “Jesus Christ is Seen” is another impressive gospel track. There were also two EPs released in 2023: Midnight Cry (Vol. 1) and Midnight Cry (Vol. 2).
Ebuka Songs started releasing music in 2021, including the songs “Calling” and “What I Preach.” While his sound has developed organically with each new release, the message of the music remains a consistent dedication to the glory of God. Ebuka’s fame continues to grow as people in Nigeria and beyond learn more about this man and his uncompromising message. 
Along with making great energetic music for the glory of God, Ebuka Songs is known for introducing powerful glossolalia and chanting into modern gospel. According to the artist, these elements are highly spiritual and capable of causing profound positive change. “Calling My Name (I’m A Soldier) [Live]” is the perfect example of this positive message, and the accompanying film clip is sure to leave you feeling inspired. 

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