RBTZTV Original | Highlighting Matthew Griswold

RBTZTV Original | Highlighting Matthew Griswold
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Matthew Griswold is an American folk-rock singer and songwriter, based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. You could say that Matthew has grown up around music, his father was a local DJ, and his mother is an avid pianist. Matthew prided himself on his guitar skills. When he was a young boy, he told a story of when he was in high school while other kids were playing video games Matthew was playing the guitar after school often into the wee hours of the night. Matthew attended Concordia Academy High School in Roseville MN; his first public performance was at his senior year talent show. Matthew and I attended the same high school He was a year older than me so we didn’t know each other per se, but one thing I’ll always remember was his voice.

After graduation, Matthew was looking for some sense of direction and purpose, taking a year to determine his next plan. Matthew’s next chapter in life was far different than he ever would have imagined. One day Matthew showed up at an army recruitment center. You see he wanted to see Europe travel and discover new places; little did he know years later he would be in the most volatile battles known in the Iraq war the battle of Ramadi. Matthew had seen and lived some unimaginable things, but his story didn’t stop there. Upon arriving back in the states, Matthew struggled to get back into civilian life. Nothing was the same. His album “Screaming from the Witches’ Tower “was in some way his suicide letter. It was a dark time for this soldier to find himself, the one thing that never left him was his voice, and his guitar.

Matthew’s resiliency came full circle when he began using his voice as a tool, a mechanism to help heal from his experiences. It became a way to communicate with other veterans, he has worked with the VA hospital, and was the Keynote speaker at the VA Mental Health Summit last year, singing and sharing stories with others has become a healing part of his journey. His journey in music has brought many accolades, including signing on with the Universal Production Music |APM music, you can hear his creations on television, in commercials, on news stations, and in movies showing in over 30 countries. In recent months Matthew discovered he was in the top 200 most Shazamed songs in Norway. This story is about a soldier who was lost but found his voice. The voice that healed him from his past. You can now find him married to his beautiful wife, they just had their firstborn child daughter, Vivian, his days are filled singing around town, he’s traveled to different cities sharing his music, and his journey, and today we get to hear from himself.


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