“Rest in Peace” by Taylor Austin Dye | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Nashville

"Rest in Peace" by Taylor Austin Dye | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Nashville
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Taylor Austin Dye and Her New Song, “Rest In Peace”

Kentucky native Taylor Austin Dye has just released her brand-new song, the murder ballad “Rest In Peace.” With a bond of love and an appetite for revenge, “Rest In Peace” tackles a serious issue with humor and grace. This single features rich tones and old-school Americana vibes, which Taylor Austin Dye delivers with her strong and full-spirited country voice.

“Rest In Peace” is a playful take on a grave issue. Instead of lecturing listeners on the subject of domestic violence, it presents a tale of revenge against a backdrop of sibling love. This song is driven forward with an infectious groove of jangly guitars set against a tight rolling country rhythm.

With lines like “He was living on borrowed time” and “’Cause blood’s thicker than whiskey,” this song tells the tale of a drunken and abusive partner who gets what’s coming to him. The song is told from the perspective of a big sister who performs the fateful deed after learning of her little sister’s abuse via a late-night phone call: “She called me up at a quarter past three. ‘Big sister, he hit me.’”

“Rest In Peace” is a bold song that takes no prisoners — in a very literal sense. Instead of complicated moral ambiguities and complex laws, it presents an idealized world where family rules and problems are dealt with in-house. As a playful take on a serious issue, the song could even be a cathartic release for victims and their families.

Country music is known for its storytelling, and revenge without consequence is one of the oldest fantasies of them all: “Who did it? Who done did it? Take it to the grave, baby, rest in peace.”

About Taylor Austin Dye

Taylor Austin Dye continues to live her dream through music. Her performing roots stretch back to childhood, with church songs and talent shows transformed into a successful music career. She is a talented singer and musician, writing lyrics, creating songs, and playing guitar along with piano, bass, drums, fiddle, mandolin, and dulcimer.

“Rest In Peace” is the latest chapter of Taylor’s dream, which has been reignited in the wake of the global pandemic. The song is the latest of many singles, which also include “Like You Do,” “Good Time Girl,” “Water Me Down,” and “Lucky Man.” In 2022, she was named one of Kentucky Country Music’s Music Acts to Watch, and people are definitely taking notice. From her regular TikTok videos to the active Ride or Dye fan community, the music of Taylor Austin Dye is worthy of our attention.

Where to find Taylor Austin Dye

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