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Discover Rob Bello and the Beat Music Academy

Rob Bello is a dance music DJ, producer, and educator with a deep love for house and techno music. He has released dozens of records, worked on countless remixes, and collaborated with exciting names from across the scene. As a music production professor with an eye for the details, he continues to educate and inspire new talent from around the world.

Let’s take a look at Rob Bello the artist and educator, including some of his best tracks and recent sets.

Rob Bello the Artist and DJ

Based in Saint Petersburg, FL, Rob Bello has a reach that stretches far beyond the United States. His house and techno tracks continue to resonate with audiences on and off the dance floor, and his influence in the studio has inspired producers from all genres. Rob started releasing music back in 2008 with “Dreams Come True” on Sheeva Records. His next track, “In the Outside,” came a few years later in 2012, with multiple tunes released later that year on the Electrified Mindz label.

Rob cemented his sound during this time, with beats getting deeper and a tactile 127-130 BPM groove firmly established. Over the next few years, Rob released lots of music, did heaps of remixes, and worked on collaborations with other established and emerging names. From renowned Maintain Replay Records compilations to “Balearic Summer” on Bosom and exciting work for Far Down Records, Rob’s name was absolutely everywhere.

Rob Bello released his first solo EP in 2016 as “Lateral Codex” on Del Sol Music and another new work, “Memories of You,” in 2017 on Furious Funk. New music kept coming in 2020, including the EP “A Stone Beyond” featuring remixes of Rob’s work. During the same year, Rob Bello released his latest EP, “Leave It Alone,” which included the remixers Goran Nikolov and Suddenly Strange. A number of highly creative remixes have also emerged, including a banging rendition of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion.”

Whether it’s brand-new beats or creative remixes, Rob has a signature sound that merges soulful strings with laid-back leads and steady kicks. This eclectic combination builds an explosion of harmonic rhythms, which are layered over time with light and universal emotion. Most of Rob’s tracks feature a gentle injection of epic synths and guitar licks, which invites a spectrum of open-minded music lovers. Rob aims to lift spirits and inspire hope through his tunes, even in the darkest of days.

Rob Bello has traveled across genres and stretched dimensions to find the “perfect sound” — and now he’s taking others along for the ride.

Introducing The Beat Academy

Dance music is a global phenomenon driven by endless enthusiasm and restless energy. Audiences across the world are looking for fresh new sounds, and young producers are hungry to learn and create. In this environment, dance music education programs present an exciting opportunity. Rob Bello started The Beat Music Academy for this very reason — to help new producers and keep the techno flame burning.

The Beat Music Academy is a unique learning experience that aims to provide students with all the foundations they need to become successful DJs and/or producers. While people are hungry for new music, competition is tough and new producers often face a steep learning curve. The academy aims to bridge this gap with a range of fun and accessible programs. Local courses are available in Rob’s hometown of Saint Petersburg, FL, and online material is also available.

A variety of courses are put together by professional instructors, with students of all ages and skill levels catered for. DJing and dance music production can be a rewarding and fulfilling profession, and Rob Bello wants you to get involved. From NYC to London, from Paris to Ibiza, The Beat Music Academy offers a fast-paced environment to kick-start new careers. Rob and his team provide hands-on workshops, valuable networking opportunities, and priceless resources from some of the best names in the business.

Recent and Upcoming Shows for Rob Bello

Along with his new role as dance music professor, Rob Bello continues to release new tunes and play club dates locally. Earlier in the year, he performed at Jungle Boogie and Gaspy Invasion, and late last year he played at Tampa Bay’s Art and Music Festival. There’s sure to be a lot of new DJ sets on the horizon, so keep your ear to the ground. Whether you love his deep beats or appreciate his insights as an educator, the “Rob Bello” name continues to influence the dance music scene in Florida and beyond.

Where to find Rob Bello

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