Shamanistik Records – The Label for the Curious | Record Label Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Belgium

Shamanistik Records - The Label for the Curious | Record Label Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Belgium
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Shamanistik Records is a record label based in Belgium that is dedicated to exploring the unknown. They work with a diverse group of artists who are all pushing the boundaries of sound. Whether you’re into hypnotic grooves, undulating beats, or something completely experimental, you’re sure to find something you love on Shamanistik Records.

The label’s name is a reflection of their philosophy.

Shamans are known for their ability to journey into the unknown and bring back new insights.

Shamanistik Records wants to do the same thing with music. They want to create music that takes listeners on a journey to new and exciting places.

If you’re looking for music that will challenge your mind and open your ears, then you need to check out Shamanistik Records. They’re the label for the curious.

Shamanistik Records

In a musical world full of sharp definitions, Shamanistik Records continues to explore the unknown. Instead of endless similarities, this free-thinking label from Belgium sets out to discover new pathways in electronic music. It has a roster packed with cutting edge producers, and it offers a fresh take on contemporary sounds with an endless appetite for dance.

Shamanistik Records was created by renowned operators Giles and Diego, and it features an evolving cast of old and new characters. Artists offer a fresh take on the modern soundscape, with vital sounds set alight by hypnotic grooves and undulating beats. From deep and organic house to progressive beats, melodic techno, and downtempo grooves, everything is authentic and designed to make you move.

Introducing Giles and Diego

Shamanistik Records is owned and operated by Giles and Diego, two respected names in the local Belgium scene. After a chance encounter on a Tunisian beach, these two French music lovers bonded over a shared thirst for deep and melodic house grooves. While both men come from different musical backgrounds, they share a love of deep musical patterns and inspiring organic sounds. The duo formed Giles et Diego to explore different facets of sound and bring energetic vibes to dancers across the globe.

Giles brings melodic knowledge and piano skills to the partnership, and Diego has long-standing experience as a drummer and DJ. Giles has a lifelong passion for all forms of electronic music, and Diego has a deep recognition of “groove” and what it means for the dance floor. Both men have been active in the electronic music scene for over a decade, with their shared and complementary interests helping to bring a new musical act and label to life.

Acts and Releases

Since its inception, Shamanistik Records has released an array of outstanding electronic music. Along with Giles et Diego themselves, notable acts include Regis Ohm, R-WAT, Someday Isle, LxL, DJJD, DEEPtHREEM, Adam Lester, Bullynho, and Krap Noise. Their new music ranges from relaxed downtempo releases to organic house, deep house, afro house, progressive house, and melodic techno. A number of releases have been featured on Beatport, with Giles et Diego recently making the cut on the Deep House charts. All sounds are made to inspire physical movement and catalyze human connections on and off the dance floor.

While music from Shamanistik Records doesn’t follow a template, there are some shared elements between artists and producers. Among other things, listeners can expect deep bass lines, punchy drums, emotive vocals, and vibrant leads that inspire passion. The label has releases for every occasion, from lazy afternoons and peaceful sunsets to deep nighttime grooves and island sunrises. The melodies are deep and often restrained, the rhythms are driven without feeling forced, and the vibe is fresh but still familiar.

With deep cognition and real emotion, Shamanistik Records is about listening to your body and following your heart with every beat.

Where to find Shamanistik Records

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