Straight out of Slovakia, composer and producer, Alan Murin, brings us his latest hit “Trueself”!

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Alan Murin — From Bratislava to the World

Alan Murin was born and raised in Slovakia’s capital, Bratislava. Despite not being born into a family of artists, Alan felt the magnetic pull of music early on, and this ultimately led to a pathway to self-expression. His style and sound pay tribute to Slovakia’s diverse contemporary music scene, which spans pop, rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Through his music, Alan Murin has explored different styles, working with several international artists and gaining global prominence while building a loyal fan base in his home country.

Humble Beginnings to the World Stage

At the tender age of 15, Alan made a bold decision to dive headfirst into the world of music. Armed with determination and a pocketful of dreams, he began crafting lyrics and melodies, weaving them into demo songs under the enigmatic alias “Sane.”

After completing high school, he packed his bags and headed to the streets of London, where he immersed himself in the world of music production and sound engineering at Point Black Music School. During his time at Point Black, he released his EP 19 98, which represents the real time, day, and year of Alan’s birth. He created this EP with his co-producer, Charlie Leslie, while studying in London.

His next destination was the sun-kissed shores of Los Angeles, where he found himself in the company of kindred spirits, collaborating with local rap sensation Raunii. Together, they released a new album called AYAY in 2022.

After a successful run with Raunii, Alan went on to sign with Universal, where he released three EPs and seven Slovak and two English singles that captivated audiences worldwide. His debut EP, 15 23, presents three tracks full of personal depth and emotional charge, reflecting his unique musical expression. Alan’s second EP, 23 10, also expressed in three songs, is an ode to his birth date and offers a glimpse into his life story.

Going Solo

Even with his newfound success under Universal, Alan continued to crave independence. He carved his path under the banner of TRUESELF, his very own publishing house. It was here that Alan’s creativity truly flourished as he forged new alliances and breathed life into his musical vision.

Alan’s series of successful songs culminated in the release of his debut album, TRUESELF, in 2022. The pop album features 14 original songs and collaborations with several Slovakian artists, including Rytmus, Separ, Ego, and Kali.

After two years of devoted involvement in the Slovak music industry, Alan Murin achieved the coveted “A” rating as a budding local artist. He is currently positioned to leave a lasting mark on the global music platform with new music featuring international artists.

Alan Murin feat. IOVA — ‘Still Love You’

In a historic international debut, Alan Murin and Romanian vocalist IOVA unveiled their highly awaited single, “Still Love You,” on February 22, 2024. This collaboration signifies a major milestone for Alan and IOVA as they unite to craft a song that breaks conventions and connects with a global audience. “Still Love You” presents a blend of Alan Murin’s distinctive style and IOVA’s unique vocals in a vibrant and provocative musical journey. The track offers listeners a captivating narrative that traverses cultural barriers and explores timeless subjects of love and perseverance.

The accompanying music video for “Still Love You” enriches the powerful narrative. It features Alan Murin amid the sun-drenched backdrop of Los Angeles, wandering its sprawling streets and beaches, while IOVA is portrayed amid a wintry landscape in Ljubljana, Slovenia. “Still Love You” is directed by the talented Anze Skrube, known for pushing boundaries and exploring complex human emotions and societal issues with depth and sensitivity. The video seamlessly blends lively urban settings with tranquil winter scenes, capturing the essence of a passionate yet tumultuous romance.

This international collaboration also features the contributions of Romanian producer Serban Cazan. The renowned producer is known for his work with acclaimed artists such as INNA and Mohombi. Cazan has imparted a distinct touch to “Still Love You” with his signature style.

Reflecting on the song, Alan Murin shares, “It mirrors the internal struggle while also expressing the quest to discover one’s true self.” Through its novelty, he lays bare unseen wounds and conveys the intensity of his love and the ensuing disappointment. Fans can listen to “Still Love You” and watch its video on leading streaming platforms and online channels.

Upcoming Events

Check out Alan Murin’s projects on his official website. You can catch his captivating performances at these upcoming events in the Czech Republic and Slovakia:

  • April 12Event: Mestská športová hala
Location: Trnava
  • April 13Event: Retro Music Club
Location: Zaječí
  • April 20Event: Insomnia Club
Location: Modra venues
  • May 11Event: Sway Music Club Location: Bytča

    *Tickets available at the

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Alan shares that his goal is to create music that enriches the lives of his listeners. Whether you want to have fun, wash away the pain, or help someone look forward to better days, his music will uplift your spirits.

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