The Benton Brothers and Company | Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival

The Benton Brothers & Company | Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Alabama
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Benton Brothers and Company | Band

If you like real bluegrass music with deep roots and Southern soul, Benton Brothers and Company is the real deal. Led by the young and incredibly talented Benton brothers, this fine group continues to light the bluegrass torch. Bluegrass music means so much to Southern folk, and Benton Brothers and Company is definitely loved by the community.

This band of talented musicians regularly plays across Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Defined by rich family harmonies and great musicianship throughout, Benton Brothers and Company creates traditional, heartwarming songs forged in American sounds and values. This band is a regular feature on the tight-knit bluegrass circuit, and they continue to attract new fans from across the South.

Benton Brothers and Company has a key spot at Bluegrass Revival: Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival, which is an absolute must for bluegrass lovers or anyone who enjoys authentic American music. Following the patriotic opening of the festival, the band will set the musical pace with the opening set of the day. They will return later with their incomparable second set, which is sure to satisfy local and traveling bluegrass lovers.

Recent and Upcoming shows

Benton Brothers and Company played a number of shows in 2022, building a solid fan base with their sweet melodies and deep sense of rhythm. Among other shows, they played Bluegrass Gospel Singing in October, the Louisville Baptist Church in July, and the Abercrombie Fish Camp in June. The year 2023 looks like more of the same, with the band traveling across the South to keep locals smiling. Their first show of the year is at Bluegrass Revival: Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival, which takes place on March 25 in Ashford, Alabama.

Bluegrass Revival: Historic Dupree School

The Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival is coming up real soon, and Benton Brothers and Company is an important part of the lineup. This festival is an authentic celebration of bluegrass music, with bands playing for 9 hours straight between 11:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The day starts with patriotic festivities in honor of our veterans, with Benton Brothers and Company kicking off the live music immediately after. Don’t fear if you arrive late, with the band returning for a second set later in the day.

Bluegrass Revival: Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival is a family-friendly day set on the beautiful grounds of the historic Dupree School. Benton Brothers and Company is proud to be part of the celebrations. To join the fun, head to 1116 Antioch Church Road, Ashford, Alabama on March 25, 2023. This annual event raises money for the Historic Dupree School Preservation Project.

Along with the rich family harmonies of Benton Brothers and Company, festival-goers can expect an entire afternoon of good food, great music, and friendly people. Other bands on the lineup include the award- winning Blue Holler, Old Harmony, Dupree School Revival, and The Byrd Family. There will also be lots of

spontaneous side jams throughout the day and a fiddling contest where musicians can test their talents.

Make no mistake, Bluegrass Revival: Historic Dupree School Bluegrass Festival is all about bluegrass music; however, there are lots of other things to see and do throughout the day. Along with amazing bluegrass tunes, you can expect food vendors, fantastic arts and crafts, and silent auctions with amazing prizes. In addition, there will be a kids’ fun area and a fireworks display to close the festivities. Come on down, bring your lawn chairs and blankets, and get ready to experience the finest bluegrass music in the South.

Where to find Benton Brothers and Company

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