Lauren Freebird | Artist Review | #Nashville

Lauren Freebird | Artist Review | #Nashville
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Lauren Freebird — Nashville’s Next Star Is Here

Who Is Lauren Freebird

If you haven’t heard the name Lauren Freebird yet — or if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of hearing her sing — you will soon. The Nashville artist has tapped into the very heart and soul of Tennessee country, rock, and blues, and she has channeled this rich history as she delivers something truly exceptional, truly novel, and truly her own.

Music is in Lauren’s blood. She’s been playing the piano since she was only four years old, and she enrolled in the Rock Zone School of Music when she was only ten, taking vocal lessons to hone her incredible natural sound. Her early inspiration was her grandmother, a songwriter herself who encouraged Lauren’s early musical forays. The tragic passing of Lauren’s beloved grandmother galvanized her own ideas for the future and spurred her on to begin a songwriting career in memory of her grandmother.

A range of artists shaped Lauren’s early sound, from traditional touchstones like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley to more recent heroes such as Miley Cyrus and Adele. Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks also had a huge part to play, and touches of the Arizonan legend’s unique vocal style can be found within Lauren’s own music. Of course, these inspirational musicians helped forge a love of music in Lauren, but the music she makes is one of a kind.

New Tracks from Lauren

Working with producer Jimmy Copans at The Ranch Studio, Lauren Freebird has provided us with some incredible tunes to kick-start our 2023. These tracks — “Baggage Claim” and “Half of My Hurt” — are both out now. Take a look below to learn more about what to expect.

“Baggage Claim”

“Baggage Claim” kicks in with the kind of soulful groove that simply cannot be resisted — you’re going to love this, you’re going to feel this, there’s simply no question. When Lauren’s vocal kicks in, though, the tone shfts, and everything is presented clearly and in sharp relief. As listeners, we bear witness to a remarkable talent, someone who is not afraid to lay it all down and leave it out there. This is music how it’s supposed to be — clear-eyed, emotive, and disarmingly honest.

This honesty can’t be overstated. Over just shy of five minutes, Lauren shows us a fragile broken heart that yearns to love again but cannot envision a world in which this can be possible again. We’ve all experienced the confusion and overwhelming emotion that love can bring, but it’s startling to have it presented with such devastating beauty and clarity over a liltingly gorgeous beat.

“Half of My Hurt”

“Half of My Hurt” showcases another side to Lauren Freebird’s repertoire. The honesty is still there, but the fragility is replaced with a biting attitude that demonstrates just why she has become one of the rising stars of country, rock, and blues in the last year. Twin guitars bring crunching distortion, juxtaposed with a clean, soaring melody in perfect counterpoint.

vocalsThe sophistication of Lauren’s music is spell-binding, and distilling all that raw emotion into something so toe-tappingly brilliant is no mean feat.

There’s a bit more tempo to the groove on this one, and the superb backing track feels very 2023 while still tipping its hat to the heroes of the genre from yesteryear. Once again, however, it’s Lauren Freebird’s remarkable voice that takes center stage — as her lyrics dissect a relationship gone wrong, the strength of her vocals makes us sit up and take notice. We can’t wait to see what Lauren is going to come up with next.

Where to find Lauren Freebird

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