Caroline Daniel | Artist Review | #Nashville

Caroline Daniel | Artist Review | #Nashville
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Who Is Caroline Daniel?

Caroline Daniel is a singer and songwriter with a passion for running. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Caroline grew up hearing music all around her, from a variety of different genres. This exposure gave her a unique perspective on the music industry from an early age.

Growing up, Caroline participated in track and field and cross-country running and learned to play guitar. She graduated from high school in 2017 and then attended Belmont University. She continued to run while attending college. When she graduated, she jumped into singing and started playing live at venues across Nashville. She has played at Cafe Coco and also the Nashville Tour Stop at Cabana Taps.

Fresh out of college, this young woman is working hard to turn her dreams into reality as she carves her way through the music industry. She is an eternal optimist and has no doubts that she’ll make her mark in the world when it’s her time. When she isn’t singing, writing music or running, Caroline loves to play Guitar Hero and is the first to jump at the chance for a freestyle rap battle. She also loves corgis, queso and being silly with her friends.

A Deep Dive Into Caroline Daniel’s Music

Caroline’s music shows a side of her that not everyone sees on a daily basis. Her songs are full of angst and apprehension. In one of her Instagram posts, she states, “I’ve always written songs to attempt to make sense of my own emotions. The cool thing now is that other people can use my experiences to embrace their own.” She believes that music can help us process emotions in a different way than talking and lets us face the emotions that we would let lay dormant otherwise.

She doesn’t often tell the backstories behind her music because each and every song is a story in itself. If you listen to her lyrics, you’ll hear the story, and she believes in letting you interpret the song in its best meaning.

Caroline has recently released three singles on her Spotify and YouTube channels. She has another song, “I Blame December,” which she has played on her Instagram account. All songs are written by her. The three recently released songs are “Sugar,” “Communion,” and “Falling.” Each song has a uniqueness to it you don’t hear in other music. Let’s take a look.


“Falling” starts with some serious guitar riffs and a slow enchanting and almost eerie melody. Then it picks up with the addition of the drums as Caroline sings about falling for her mystery man. The lyrics tease with the idea that there is hope for them if only he’d realize her feelings, but the ending is left hanging as to what will happen with them in the future. It’s a fantastic song about hope, being honest and just laying it all on the line.


“Sugar” is uniquely fun and upbeat as it compares love to candy. Caroline sings that she just wants more of the bad boy and his sugar-coated lies, even though her friends tell her it’s not healthy. Her comparison between the way he treats her and the candy she eats is an amazing way to show a different side of love and life. Even through the upbeat melodies and the sickly sweetness of the song, you still hear the anguish in her voice as she laments how he wronged her.


At this time, “Communion” is her most popular song. It has a different twist from her other two songs. While still upbeat, it has a haunting melody and a softer guitar behind the vocals. Caroline’s power as a

vocalist is defined in this song as she talks about how miscommunications affect a relationship and everyday life.

The variety of music Caroline writes and sings shows her diversity as a musician. Her talents go beyond just vocals, and her unique twist on the lyrics brings a playfulness to her music. She pulls you in and captivates you as you wait to find out what happens next in her song. Expect to hear more music from Caroline as she grows as an artist!

Where to find Caroline Daniel

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