Icona Pop | New Single “Fall In Love” | Song Review

Icona Pop | New Single "Fall In Love" | Song Review
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The Icona Pop Story — ‘Fall in Love’ and the Club Romantech Sound

Icona Pop has just released their new single “Fall in Love” — a shimmering treat that combines quirky pop vocals with sharp synths and bouncy beats. This track comes from their recent Club Romantech album, their first studio release in over 10 years. “Fall in Love” features earworm melodies, hyperpop edits, and classic piano chords against a driving house beat. Saccharine but also scattered, this new slice of pop draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

While “Fall in Love” is still unmistakably pop, it represents a new sound for Icona Pop. This fun-loving duo may have opened for stadium superstars like Katy Perry and One Direction, but this track could also work in a dark club setting. According to Icona Pop themselves, “Fall in Love” is about “that moment when you fall sooo hard for someone it’s almost like hitting a wall; you get all dizzy and almost lose touch with the ground and can’t focus on anything else.”

The Icona Pop Duo

Icona Pop consists of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, a Swedish duo united by a love of electro, house, indie, and pure sugary pop. They grew up in Stockholm, attended the same music school, and crafted the Icona Pop sound in 2009 from glittery melodies and synth-heavy hooks. The girls quickly signed to the TEN Music Group label, releasing their debut self-titled album in 2012 to a growing fan base.
Their first album peaked at number 55 on the Swedish charts, and it included their breakout single “I Love It.” This song featured British pop star Charli XCX, and it was a big hit among TV, advertising, and video game producers. Among other media, “I Love It” was featured in the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the MTV reality series Snooki & JWoww, and the vampire-teen drama The Vampire Diaries.
“I Love It” was also included on the girls’ Iconic EP, which reached number 21 on the US iTunes dance chart. Before long, Icona Pop was touring the United States, doing late-night TV slots and even performing at the Billboard Music Awards. The duo’s second album This Is… Icona Pop came out in 2013 as their first real international release. This album featured the new singles “Girlfriend” and “All Night,” and it introduced their hit single “I Love It” to a global audience.
While This Is… Icona Pop was loved by fans and critics alike, it was the duo’s last album until 2023. Icona Pop stayed busy during this period, however, opening for huge pop acts like Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and collaborating with everyone from Tiesto to Peking Duk. Their music featured on the video game FIFA 16 and the movie Pitch Perfect 2, and they also released the singles “Someone Who Can Dance” and “Brightside.”

The Club Romantech Sound

Icona Pop recently returned to the album format with the release of Club Romantech. The album was released via Ultra Records/Iconic Sound Recordings/TEN Music Group, and it represents a fresh start with a new sparkling sound. Since their breakthrough single “I Love It” over a decade ago, the duo has matured with a slightly darker sound defined by driving synths and bouncy beats.
Along with “Fall in Love,” other singles from the album include “Where Do We Go From Here” and “Desire.” There are pure pop moments throughout and lots of uplifting vibes, but an edgier tone manages to creep in from time to time. While shadows of the hyperpop rainbow can still be heard, Club Romantech is much more relentless and a little more self-assured.
Aino Jawo from Icona Pop says it best herself: “We put all of our problems and stress into what we’re doing. We love disguising our heartbreaks and sadness in uplifting songs you can dance to. It was a very emotional process, and it’s all in the music.”

Where to find Icona Pop

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