Jaded & Carlita’s “Zorro” | Electrobeat Single on rBeatz Radio | Review

Jaded & Carlita's "Zorro" | Electrobeat Single on rBeatz Radio | Review
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Who Is Jaded & Carlita

Jaded, based out of London, is comprised of three talented musicians: Nari, Jordan, and Teo. They got their start as singers and songwriters, producing for others. They knew they needed to break out on their own. They have a very broad sonic palette and have cultivated a unique sound. It’s captivating and refreshing, with a party vibe. Jaded’s members are bound together through a deep friendship and playful camaraderie. The tight-knit group has a creative talent that is perfect for the dance floor, combining the electric sound of techno music with the hip-hop scene. Their music is vibrant and full of energy. Other songs by Jaded are “Welcome To The People,” “Can You Feel It,” and “Pancake.”

Carlita is a Turkish-Italian artist who has recently emerged from some of the underground’s most elite circles. She is currently based in New York City and is a classically trained musician. She grew up playing cello and graduated from the Royal Academy of Music as a teenager. She has drawn crowds from multiple music genres, including ’90s rock, Turkish psychedelia, and Israeli pop. Carlita creates a culture of immersion and brings that with her for every performance, whether she is DJing or producing music.

A Deep Dive Into Jaded & Carlita’s Zorro

These unique and talented artists collaborated on a new single, “Zorro.” The two groups come from vastly diverse worlds, but they blended their individual talents and tastes together perfectly to create an eclectic, quirky, and vibrant song that is a hit on the dancefloor. The song is playful and jazzy, with reverberating vocals that are intertwined with a pounding and steady groove. The track is filled with wobbling synths, subtle cowbells, and a zippy beat that holds nothing back.

The understated lyrics focus on abundance and blessings and the God of the Heavens. It focuses on giving up the things you don’t need and being blessed for doing so. The techno beat of the song speaks volumes in the way it was masterfully mixed.

Jaded & Carlita went all out with this electrobeat single that is fantastic for any stage or setting. To get the full vibe of this amazing collaboration, give this track a whirl for yourself.

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Where to find Jaded & Carlita's "Zorro"

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