MK Makes Music Right

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The value of staying true to the sound of Detroit

MK makes music right.  For so many decades the sights and sounds of being a regional performer has helped shape generations of music fans and lovers. Through the evolution of fad, fashion and the internet most of us can’t tell where any particular performer is from. I’d say one of the last regional displays was during the early days of Hip Hop where you had Diddy in North East, Luther in Florida and NWA pumping up the vibes in California. One place we can’t leave out is the always present Detroit circuit. Kid Rock to Redd it’s been a driving force that’s put a lot of energy at live performances that also include DJ’s. MK is one of them. His brilliant behavior on the twin spins is taking that classic Detroit sound and putting a modern dent in it’s place in history. MK is on rBeatz Radio with 17.


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