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Go big or go home.

For The L.A. Maybe, it’s the former — every time.

We’re talking big melodies.

Big beats.

Big, stadium-filling sounds.

And, of course, big tunes to back it all up.

The LAM delivers all this, in an old-school rock package that takes cues from the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses, ACDC, Pearl Jam, and Van Halen.

Basically, all the stuff you find irresistible… all the stuff that is gonna make you fall in love with LAM in a big, big way.

Coming to you from out of the Carolinas but bringing a hefty dose of West Coast swagger with them on the way, The L.A. Maybe isn’t here to play around. They don’t mince their words either – they are Your New Favorite Band, after all, and in fact this is the title of their weekly podcast on all things that rock and roll.

The five-piece brings the Southern Heat and mixes it up with their own special brand of Classic Rock Cool.

We’ve got Darryl Silvera and Dallas Dwight on guitars — as comfortable delivering a soaring, “lighters in the air” melody as they are dropping a solo that will melt a face at 100 paces.

Holding down the bass is Rahsaan Lacey, turning up the dial and slapping down rhythms that let you know exactly what is up.

And then there’s Ryan Fosnow, on drums, pounding toms, smashing crashes, and taking no prisoners.

Up front, none other than Goliath Fur – Sir Goliath Fur to the likes of you and me, or Johnny Pipes to a select few.

Hitting the high notes like Axl before swooping to the bass rumble of Eddie Vedder, Goliath is a force to be reckoned with.

But if you think The L.A. Maybe sounds great on record, just wait till you’ve seen ’em live.

Spin an LAM record, and you’re in for a good time.

Get them up there on a stage, and prepare for something life-affirming.

The LAM boys know that the real heart of rock and roll is the performance, the raised fist, hair raising antics of a high-octane, full-blooded rock show.

And this is exactly what they provide.

All over the world, from South Carolina to Scotland and everywhere in between, LAM is tearing up stages and putting on a show you ain’t gonna forget in a hurry.

Get out there and catch them when they next swing by your town.

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