Sak Noel | International success for this DJ and a review of his latest hits

Sak Noel | International success for this DJ and a review of his latest hits
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Who is Sak Noel?

Sak Noel is a DJ, producer, and director from Girona, Spain. Best known for his international hit “Loca People,” he has obtained massive success in Europe and across the world. Sak Noel makes fun music informed by the dance floor, with his tracks spread across various commercial genres. From Dutch house and progressive beats to Romanian popcorn, his music merges hard-hitting beats with off-beat bass, fun vocals with brass melodies, and slippery synths with “staccato” pluck grooves.

Sak Noel released two new tracks in 2023, “Africa” and” Tambor.” On “Africa,” he’s exploring a new sound defined by intricate percussive grooves. This record merges exotic vocals with heavy drums and a sexy jungle beat. “Tambor” is a power dance tune made for main stage sets, and like many of Sak Noel’s releases, it sounds best loud. Full of fun sexy energy, both of these tracks breathe new life into the Sak Noel sound.

The Sak Noel story

Sak Noel was born Isaac Mahmood Noell, entering the world on April 12, 1983, in a small Catalonian village. He loved music from an early age, listening to tracks from various genres and refining his taste as a dance music selector. His early home in La Cellera de Ter was located in the mountains near Girona, but it wasn’t long before he spread his wings into neighboring Barcelona.

Sak Noel quickly became involved with the local electronic music scene, founding the entertainment company Moguda in 2003 with his best friend. He also started to produce his own tunes, using a combination of hardware and software devices. While it took a few years for Noell to release his music to the world, success was almost immediate. His first single, “Loca People,” came out in 2011, and it took Europe by storm.

Music releases

“Loca People” was a massive hit, reaching no. 1 in various national charts. He topped the competitive UK chart with this release, becoming just the fifth Spaniard to do so. The remix of “Loca People” featuring Sensato and Pitbull was nominated for Best Urban Song at the 13th Latin Grammy Awards in 2012. Titled “Crazy People,” it could be heard everywhere over that summer.

Following this, he released a second single “Paso (The Nini Anthem)” in 2012, and it was another roaring success. This single racked up more than 30 million views on YouTube, and it was also popular in clubs and festivals around the world. In Spanish, the word “nini” describes young rebellious people solely interested in hedonism. With an appetite to party above all else, Sak Noel was basically describing his audience.

One year later in 2014, Sak Noel released “No Boyfriend.” This track was produced in collaboration with Mayra Veronica, and once again, it got more than 30 million views on YouTube. For the first time, “No Boyfriend” helped Noell to enter the world’s toughest dance music market. Debuting at no. 40 on Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay in the US, this track turned the artist into a real global superstar.

While the singles kept coming, the massive success that defined his early career was a little more elusive. “Pinga” featuring Sito Rocks was released in 2015, and “Trumpets” with Salvi featuring Sean Paul came out in 2016. “Trumpets” managed to reach no. 12 in the Netherlands.

After a few years’ break, Sak Noel released three new tracks in 2020. “Tocame” featured Salvi and Franklin Dam, “Bruk It Down” featured Kshmr and Txtheway, and “Que Rica (Tocame)” featured Pitbull and Salvi. “Tembleque” with Nosfe and Alexandra Stan featuring Los Tioz came out in 2021, and “Never Going Home” with Jasmine Ortiz was released in 2022.

Latest hits & remixes 

Asereje”       “Tyla -Water”        “People in L.A.” 

He shares free downloads from his page.

DJ shows and future focus

Along with producing dance hits and collaborating with industry heavyweights, Sak Noel has always enjoyed a fairly busy touring schedule as a DJ. He has played some of Europe’s biggest festivals, including RMJ Festival in Finland and Sazavafest in the Czech Republic. While he’s not as busy as he used to be, Noell continues to play small shows with friends and occasional club gigs. Sak Noel is also making music videos these days, directing his own clips and working with other artists from across Europe.

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Where to find Sak Noel

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