Southern/Alternative Rock | Black Pistol Fire | Look Alive

At first listen, Black Pistol Fire brought one thing to mind – high-octane duo! Sure enough, they thought the exact same, “is a high-octane rock duo based out of Austin, Texas by way of Toronto, Canada.” Check out their website and shop their merch!  Need the perfect place to debut the merch? How about their live show? These guys are out rocking on tour right now! We dove into The Bad Habit Tour with Special Guests – Lillie Mae, Shooks & Pink Fuzz and shows are happening now through September.  Tour cities are focused in the West, Mid-Western, and Southern United States as well as a few lucky Canadian cities. You may be thinking Canada? – For these Austin, Texas boys? Actually, both Kevin McKeown (guitar/lead vocals) and Eric Owen (drums) are Toronto natives and split their time between the two cities when they are not on the road.

Black Pistol Fire gave us back-to-back albums in 2014-2017, a hand full of singles & EPs 2019-2020, and in 2021 put out an 11-song album & music video titled “Look Alive.” Their spotlight album titled Look Alive, was recorded at 5th Street Studios with the label Black Hill Records.  This album has a few of its tracks streaming on rBeatz Radio. Let’s check out “Look Alive” the intro track of the album. These guys give us thick raspy vocals with a tinge of garage punk. Their vibe is comparable to alternative indie, Matt Maeson’s sound with a mix of duo talent, like Simon & Garfunkel’s folk-rock. Not many bands can pull off the two-man band sound and keep the tour life alive, but these guys are showing us how to. In their own words, “Look Alive” “was written about a car that has been named ‘Psycho ‘69’ by the subject. Someone who is fantasizing about leaving everything behind that they have come to know for the pursuit of the dark unknown.”

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