Steve Vai | Featured Guitarist & Artist Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Europe

Steve Vai | Featured Guitarist & Artist Review | #LocalMusicSomewhere #Europe
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Who Is Steve Vai?

Steve Vai is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer. Born in 1960, he started his music career at the young age of 18, working as a transcriptionist for Frank Zappa. After a few years, he joined the band and played with them for about three years before embarking on a solo career in 1983. Through the years, Vai has released numerous albums and has been nominated for and received many awards.

His first album, Flex-Able, was released in 1984 through Akashic Records, his own record label that he set up in Los Angeles. In 1990, he released his most successful album, Passion and Warfare. His most recent record, Vai/Gash, was just released on January 27. Overall, he’s sold over 15 million records. He’s won three Grammy Awards and been nominated 15 times. He’s also been voted the 10th Greatest Guitarist by Guitar World magazine.

Steve has recorded with such artists as David Lee Roth, Alcatrazz, Alice Cooper, Whitesnake, Motörhead, Mary J. Blige, and Spinal Tap. He has headlined international tours and has played with live-only acts. Vai has been described by fellow artists as a “highly individualistic player.” His music grew in the 1980s and he was part of the heavy rock era.

Steve’s most recent project was “The Hydra.” By partnering with Ibanez Guitars, a triple neck instrument was created, featuring a fretless 12-string neck, a seven-string guitar neck, a half-fretless bass neck, and an electric harp. This unique instrument was developed for his song “Teeth of the Hydra” off his album Inviolate.

When Vai is not making music, he spends time tending to the beehives that he keeps on his property.

Steve Vai’s Music

Steve had his Hydra made and titled his song “Teeth of the Hydra” after the instrument. The instrument itself is an incredible piece of art and the music is amazing. Playing three necks at one time, essentially three different instruments create robust-sounding tones and incredible sensations that aren’t normally felt by a single instrument. The “guitar” plays smoothly and lends a unique artistic touch to Vai’s music.

The acoustic sounds, combined with the shredded guitar, create a wild blend of tones and riffs that give a raw beauty to the music. By working all three fretboards at the same time, Vai produces sound quality that is jaw-dropping and unique. This song contains one of the most amazing guitar performances of all time.

But that’s not the only amazing guitar performance Steve has had recently. He’s also teamed up with Polyphia on their new song, “Ego Death.” This unique innovation was a match made in heaven. Vai fits into the group well with his creative guitar techniques and his otherworldly guitar riffs and tonality. This collaboration takes guitar solos to a new level and has brought instrumental guitar to an entirely new generation. The song explores new grounds with next-level guitar riffs and an amazing wealth of talent, and Vai’s collaboration into the piece channels whammy wails and a touch of Vai’s guitar spice and operatic bends we love to hear.

Chances are, you’ll be hearing some of this music on his upcoming tour, as Vai shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Upcoming European Tour

Vai has recently announced tour dates this spring in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, and throughout other areas of Europe. From March through May, he will be playing the Inviolate 2023 EU Tour. And on this tour, he’s bringing the Hydra!

With these tour dates, a limited number of EVO Experience Passes will be available. It’s an exciting opportunity to be able to meet with Vai and have VIP entry to the venue.

Steve has said of this opportunity, “One of my favorite parts of the day while on tour is meeting and talking with our EVO participants. They know the heart of my music and I allow, and enjoy, intimate conversations and feel oddly free at discussing anything, especially the stuff I keep from the press.”

This experience has been widely successful among fans during past tours. It allows you to see the band prepping for their show and gives you the opportunity to ask questions. There are two different VIP experiences available.

Full On EVO Experience: Includes reserved seat (1) in the first row, a meet & greet, an invitation to chat with Steve and do a Q&A session, soundcheck access, a guided tour of the instruments and equipment used by Vai, a VIP Commemorative laminate, and VIP admission to the venue.

Meet & Greet EVO Experience: Includes a meet & greet, assigned seating (1) in the first pit, an invitation to chat with Steve and do a Q&A session, soundcheck access, a VIP commemorative laminate, and VIP entry to the venue.

For more information on the tour or on these EVO experiences, visit Vai’s website.

Where to find Steve Vai

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